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Product innovation


Industry suppliers tell Lauren Heath-Jones about their latest product, treatment and equipment launches

Lauren Heath-Jones, Leisure Media

RKF fashion show highlights design capabilities says Riadh Bouaziz


Riadh Bouaziz

France-based linen house RKF has debuted a 30-piece bathrobe collection showcasing the brand’s knowledge and design capabilities.

Everywhere Homewear launched at an exclusive fashion show – named Utopia – during Paris Fashion Week at a private mansion in Place Vendôme.

The collection is based on RKF’s concept of the bathrobe as a fashion item. The pieces are designed to unite soft, warm and absorbent materials developed by RKF with a high-fashion aesthetic. The result is a hybrid garment that combines both comfort and elegance.

“This show highlights RKF’s know-how,” says Riadh Bouaziz, chair and CEO of RKF. “Our work is a daily reflection of how clients relax and how our textile creations can contribute to wellness.”


"Our work is a daily reflection of how our textile creations can contribute to wellness"


dan pier

Up to 30 different spa bathrobes were showcased in RKF’s fashion show

SpaTree tents bring nature to spa says founder Jannita Mossel


Jannita Mossel

Billed as a luxury outdoor spa, the Spa Lodge tent is designed to bring a heightened sense of nature to the spa experience.

It’s been created by Dutch consultancy SpaTree in partnership with Mocadazu, a professional tent building company.

The canvas lodge can be used in all weather conditions, including snow, and in warmer climes the sides can be rolled up.

It measures 4.5sq m (14.7sq ft) and is large enough to accommodate a sink and/or Orland wood burner in addition to the treatment bed.

“Spa’s don’t have to be tucked away behind concrete walls, where all connection with nature is evaded – the Spa Lodge brings nature back to the spa,” says SpaTree founder Jannita Mossel.

“The calming sound of a river, the view from a mountain top or the healing sound of lapping sea waves – it all contributes to relax body, mind and soul in perfect harmony with the natural environment,” she adds.


"Spa’s don’t have to be tucked away behind concrete walls, where all connection with nature is evaded"


The spacious tent can fit in a treatment bed, sink and wood burner

Stephan Helary reveals Terres d’Afrique’s sustainable amenities accessories


Stephan Helary

South-African brand Terres d’Afrique has developed a range of sustainable ceramic accessories and packaging for its amenities line.

It collaborated with Cape Town’s Wove Ceramics to create the accessories which feature a decorative pattern inspired by traditional African mud cloths.

The soap holders, bath salt and body scrub tubs, trays and 500ml bottle dispensers, which can be used in spas or retailed, are available in terracotta, brown and beige.

There are also plans to expand the line to include tea cups, foot bowls and product bowls.

Founder Stephan Helary says: “Being a sustainable, environmentally friendly brand, it was natural to create a luxury sustainable option as refill packaging for our clients.

“The range perfectly reflects the essence of Terres d’Afrique: earthy and simple yet refined and elegant. The essence of Africa.”

KEYWORDS: Terres D’Afrique

"The range perfectly reflects the essence of Terres d’Afrique: earthy and simple yet refined and elegant"


The decorative patterns have been inspired by African mud cloths

OM4Men’s Well-Being to ‘help spa become more male-inclusive’, says Mike Bruggeman


Mike Bruggeman

In a bid to bring more men into spas, American skincare brand OM4Men has introduced its Well-Being collection of hair and bodycare products.

Well-Being consists of three ranges – four body cleansing oils, a body and showercare line called Bodyguard, and a trio of ‘hair defence’ products.

The body cleansing oils – Awaken, Detox, Strengthen and Rest – are 95 per cent organic and have their own aromatherapy blend. The oils are designed to hydrate skin and can double up as a therapeutic massage oil.

Bodyguard features a lime ginger brightening body wash and glycolic brightening body scrub; ylang ylang perfecting and hydrating body wash; and a ylang ylang body brightening and hydration complex, designed to renew and refresh the skin.

The hair range, billed as the ‘natural green-science alternative to Nioxin and Rogaine’, features a shampoo, conditioner and hair elixir.

Mike Bruggeman, CEO of OM4Men, says the “contemporary collections” will help spas become “more male-inclusive, gender-neutral and grow their men’s segment”.

He adds: “Facecare often conjures images of all things ‘girly’ for men, yet masculinity is not called into question when using a body product. Let’s meet him where he is [with body products], educate him and over time help transition him to a facecare regimen.”


"Let’s help men transition to a facecare regimen"


The three men’s ranges comprise 11 different products in total

Andreas Dornbracht launches ‘next generation’ spa shower


Andreas Dornbracht

Dornbracht is taking spa showers to the next level with its multi-sensory Rainmoon concept.

“Rainmoon is a culmination of bliss achieved through the combination of water and light, bringing relaxation, refreshment, and a feeling of wellbeing and security,” says Andreas Dornbracht, MD of the Germany-based firm.

Water falls from a built-in dome, while integrated mood lighting creates a soft moonlit ambience. There are also two newly-developed shower sprays – Tempest and Aqua Circle.

Tempest’s large, free falling water drops, similar to raindrops, are designed to make the user feel as if they’re experiencing a refreshing, yet relaxing, storm.

Meanwhile, with Aqua Circle, users can choose from a powerful, concentrated stream of water or a more gentle water flow.

Dornbracht says Rainmoon is the ‘next generation’ of the company’s LifeSpa concept. “It’s our answer to the growing need for balance and vitality,” he says.

“In times of acceleration, digital transformation and revolution, more is being demanded of people. In light of this, maintaining both physical and mental health is becoming increasingly important. The bathroom can be an important part of one’s personal health strategy.”

KEYWORD: Dornbracht

"It’s our answer to the growing need for balance and vitality"


Water falls from a built-in dome while lighting creates a soft ambience

Nick Irani introduces Subtle Energies’ aromatherapy patches


Nick Irani

A range of inhalation patches to enhance treatments or give users easy access to aromatherapy while on the go has been unveiled by Subtle Energies.

The Australian spa skincare brand, which draws on ayurvedic practices, has developed three patches: Sleep, Detox & Adrenals and Yoga. Users simply apply the patch to their skin, which then slowly release their aromas over a number of hours.

They’re available as both a retail and amenities line for spas and can be used to enhance treatments or as part of a guest’s aftercare.

Additionally, Nick Irani, CEO of Subtle Energies, suggests that the patches can offer guests a moment of calm when they don’t have the time to spend in a spa.

“The patches are a convenient way for guests to benefit from aromatherapy. They’re useful for flying, at the office and before sleep, but can also be used in a spa environment as part of a treatment programme,” says Irani.

KEYWORDS: Subtle Energies

"They’re useful for flying, at the office and before sleep, but can also be used as part of a spa treatment"


The patches slowly release aroma over a number of hours

Marian Harvey explains how Scandinavian heat therapy inspired Thalgo’s Merveille Arctique range


Marian Harvey

In Scandinavia, treatments alternate between hot and cold therapies to stimulate circulation, detoxification and overall relaxation.

It’s this, in combination with Swedish massage and deep tissue techniques, which forms the basis of Thalgo’s new 2-hour Merveille Arctique body ritual and product line.

Marian Harvey, MD of Thalgo UK, says the ritual and products “introduces a new spa experience, something quite different and innovative.”

There are three supporting retail products incorporating hydrating boreal algae.

Arctic Shower Foam cleanses and soothes the skin and contains starch sugars to improve the skin’s protective barrier.

Salt Flake Scrub features magnesium and three different exfoliating salts for a smoothing and calming effect.

The Moisturising Milky Gel is a body gel, billed as a “real sensory experience”, with a fast-absorbing, melting texture to intensely hydrate.

Thalgo has also developed a signature fragrance for the collection, inspired by the Arctic, which features floral notes of hyacinth, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom.

“Merveille Arctique provides not only a relaxing element but a deeply exhilarating experience, taking the client on an extraordinary and unexpected sensory journey,” adds Harvey.


"It takes clients on an extraordinary and unexpected sensory journey "


Thalgo has created ‘ice bubbles’ for a cooling effect in treatments

Fight pollution with Matis, urges Laurence Bonard


Laurence Bonard

A cleanser and hydrating cream designed to target ageing caused by pollution and other environmental factors have been added to Matis’ Réponse Jeunesse line.

International director Laurence Bonard says efficacy results are positive so far. She reveals: “Effectiveness and tolerance tests have been carried out in China, in one of the country’s most polluted cities… and improvement in skin quality is confirmed and proven.”

The cleansing Essential Micellar Water contains micelles, which trap and gently remove impurities including makeup, dirt and atmospheric pollutants.

The Matiscity hydrating cream has a light texture to moisturise the skin and reduce the appearance of ageing caused by pollution. It acts as a protective barrier that defends the skin from free radicals and atmospheric pollutants.

Both products feature MatiSystem PMO3 double action technology, a anti-pollution technology created by Matis, that prevents pollutants adhering to the skin and reduces the harmful effects of pollution on the skin.

KEYWORDS: Matis Paris

"Effectiveness and tolerance tests have been carried out in China, in one of the country’s most polluted cities"


Look after the skin before, during and after sun exposure says Bioline Jatò’s Tommaso Carradini


Tommaso Carradini

Italian skincare brand Bioline Jatò has launched Sundefense, a three step suncare system to help users obtain the perfect tan by preparing, protecting and rebalancing the skin before, during and after sun exposure.

The seven-piece collection helps to protect from the damages caused by UVB, UVA and infrared rays.

The Tan Activator is a gel with annatto oil and papaya extract that’s formulated to encourage melanin production for an even and long lasting tan, as well as reinforcing the skin’s defense systems.

The SPF 30 and 50+ face creams work to counteract the signs of photoageing, including dark spots and wrinkles.

Meanwhile Sundefense body creams are available in low (SPF 6), medium (SPF 15) and high (SPF 30) protection options each with different features – the SPF 6 cream for darker skin, for example, has a light, fast-absorbing formula with vitamin E and panthenol.

Incorporating cupuacu butter and passion fruit, the Aftersun has been created to soften and refresh the skin, as well as to reduce redness and moisturise.

“Sundefense products, which yield the latest-generation selective filtering system, combine protection with an anti-ageing and antioxidant action,” says MD Tommaso Carradini. “Along with three other lines, they are the key ingredient in our Sun Beauty Project – treatments to prepare, protect and rebalance the skin.”

KEYWORD: Bioline

"Sundefense products combine protection with an anti-ageing and antioxidant action"


The seven-piece collection includes a gel activator for a long lasting tan

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