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Leisure Media - Comfort Zone: Beauty, ethics & regeneration


Comfort Zone: Beauty, ethics & regeneration

Comfort Zone has partnered with the famous Rodale Institute to support soil health, biodiversity protection and decarbonisation through regenerative organic agriculture

The limited edition ‘We Stand for Regeneration’ kit, celebrates Sacred Nature, the Ecocert-certified line Photo: Comfort Zone
Regenerative agriculture revitalises the soil and promotes biodiversity and decarbonisation Photo: Comfort Zone

Beauty grows from deep within the soil, from the ground up, and it’s our responsibility to preserve, protect and nourish it.

Research is proving that human activity has increased CO2 emissions, causing loss of biodiversity, desertification and climate change.

Acting on this responsibility, Comfort Zone has been embracing sustainability through initiatives such as B Corp certification, conscious product formulations, eco-design and reforestation initiatives.

Now the company has taken this commitment a step further by establishing the first European Organic Regenerative Centre (EROC) next to the Comfort Zone Village in Parma, Italy.

In partnership with the Rodale Institute – a pioneer in organic agricultural research – this hub will be devoted to regenerative organic farming and produce ingredients for Comfort Zone’s products, as well as being a research centre and educational establishment for use by farmers and the public.

Comfort Zone is launching EROC as part of its ‘We Sustain Beauty’ campaign to extend its sustainable operations and promote environmentally-friendly agricultural practices.

Using best practice
Regenerative organic agriculture mitigates climate change and restores our planet’s resources through the revitalisation of soil and it’s been proven to use less energy and sequester more carbon in the soil. The principles behind it include minimal soil disturbance, crop diversification, no use of pesticides or herbicides, the deployment of cover crops, the use of organic fertilisers and the cultivation of enhanced plant species diversity.

A partner in regeneration
Founded in 1947 in Pennsylvania, US, by Robert Rodale. The Rodale Institute is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to growing the organic movement through research, training, and consumer education.

Rodale created the concept and practice of ‘regenerative organic’ to distinguish this type of farming as extending beyond sustainability, due to it not only maintaining the earth, but also improving it.

Comfort Zone further supports Rodale Institute initiatives through its support for environmental network, 1% for the Planet.

Commenting, Comfort Zone founder, Davide Bollati, says: “Partnering with Rodale Institute is a great step on our regenerative journey to make the world a more beautiful place through beauty, ethics and sustainability.”

Barbara Gavazzoli, Comfort Zone global communications and education director adds: “As Comfort Zone we are proud to promote regeneration though our community of professionals and end consumers: together we can regenerate the Earth and be regenerated in return.”

More: www.comfortzoneskin.com

Photo: comfort zone

"Partnering with Rodale Institute is a great step on our journey to make the world more beautiful through sustainability" – Davide Bollati, founder, Comfort Zone

‘Let’s change the future through regenerative organic agriculture’

Comfort Zone’s ‘We Sustain Beauty’ campaign offers educational opportunities, plus special promotions for consumers wanting to experience treatments and will ensure a specific donation to 1% for the Planet.

The new limited-edition ‘We stand for regeneration’ kit, including travel-sized products from Comfort Zone’s Ecocert-certified Sacred Nature range, will be part of the campaign running this September in partner spas and online.


Sacred Nature uses ingredients produced by regenerative organic agriculture that contain powerful antioxidants:

• Pomegranate

Punicalagin, a polyphenol known for its powerful antioxidant effect, is extracted from pomegranate peel and protects skin from UV damage

• Myrtle

A Mediterranean evergreen with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing properties

• Elderberry extract

Grown in wild regenerated forests, it is rich in anthocyanins, which support skin health and vitality

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