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New opening

Lanserhof Sylt

Lisa Starr reports from Lanserhof Sylt, one of the most eagerly awaited spa and wellness openings in the world this year

The building, by architect Christoph Ingenhoven, is reported to have the largest thatched roof in Europe Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
Quiet areas give guests comfortable places to spend healing downtime Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
Sports scientists work with guests to reset fitness programmes Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
Sophisticated diagnostics sit at the heart of the Lanserhof experience Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
Architecture is calming and intriguing, using the local venacular Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
Lanserhof Sylt sits in sand dunes overlooking the Wadden Sea Photo: Lanserhof Sylt
The property has 68 bedrooms and suites serving the medical wellness facilities Photo: Lanserhof Sylt

Since Lanserhof opened its first property – Lanserhof Lans – near Innsbruck, Austria, in the mid-80s, the company’s reputation for delivering highly effective results for guests has fuelled the brand’s growth into additional locations.

Urban clinics have opened in London and Hamburg and a resort – Lanserhof Tegernsee – in Bavaria. The company’s much anticipated fifth property and third health resort, opened on the German island of Sylt in July 2022.

An additional venture – the planned relaunch of Greyshott Hall in the UK – fell victim to the pandemic.

The unique location of Lanserhof Sylt, situated within a nature reserve and nestled among the sand dunes and wild grasses along the edge of the Wadden Sea, provides the perfect environment for a programme that combines the Mayr cure with innovative Western medicine and the guest-specific diagnostics for which the Lanserhof brand is famous.

While guests may book their stay for regeneration, energy therapy or a stress-free holiday, the holistic health concept is designed with the aim of meeting each guest’s needs, while activating their self-healing mechanisms through a programme of fasting.

The development of the Sylt property – designed by long-time Lanserhof collaborator, architect Christoph Ingenhoven – began in 2017, however, due to development issues and COVID-19 complications, it took five years to complete.

Project financing was a mix of equity and debt, and construction costs were approximately €125m (US$124m, £107m at the time of writing).

Design elements
The thatched, low-profile buildings integrate sympathetically into the natural dune landscape, in fact the 20,000sq m building can barely be seen even when standing nearby. The intentional design concentrates on what’s necessary and appropriate to create a healing environment, without any unnecessary adornment.

The colour palette is soothing and neutral, the materials natural and tactile, while huge glass windows showcase the natural surroundings.

Comfortable relaxation areas, including a library, are situated adjacent to a welcoming lounge with fire-pit – a Lanserhof signature element. There are 68 large and comfortably appointed guest rooms, some of which have internal staircases to create multi-level apartments.

Spa and treatment areas
The 5,000sq m medical and spa treatment areas are spread across two floors, and the property also has an indoor/outdoor saltwater pool and a wet area that features steam, sauna and lounging spaces.

According to Lanserhof’s Alica Sievert, the team set out to create healthy buildings and environments in which guests can fully concentrate on themselves, while at the same time feeling at home, by being able to “experience privacy and deceleration within their own bodies”.

Although the main building is complete, some outbuildings will not be ready for use until early 2023. However, visiting guests will remain unaware of that; the main building includes everything needed to ensure a comfortable and results-driven visit.

Lanserhof Cure
The Lanserhof experience centres around the Lanserhof Cure which has a focus on the cleansing and rebalancing of the microbiome using the Mayr method. Each guest’s experience includes fasting and/or a strict diet, with the approach being determined by tests and a consultation with a doctor at the beginning of each stay. No alcohol or caffeine are offered, although a range of herbal teas are available.

Guests who are not on a full fasting diet are assigned a table for each meal, and these are delivered and the benefits explained by knowledgeable members of staff. After starting the meal with a small serving of bitters and a ‘chewing trainer’ of rusks, guests are encouraged to eat slowly and chew mindfully while enjoying the property’s beautiful views.

The therapy and treatment programmes are extensive and designed for the purification of mind, body and soul. Guests can sign up for energetic treatments to eliminate mental ballast, or detox lymphatic packs with liver wraps to assist in releasing waste from the body. The menu also includes abdominal massages, oxygen and cryotherapy sessions.

Therapists are specialists, armed with appropriate qualifications and work closely with the physicians and field manager. Each Lanserhof location, while sharing the same philosophy and treatment menu, is unique in its approach. Lanserhof Sylt, for example, has an skin scanner that can detect and analyse moles, and this data is saved for a recheck during the guest’s next stay.

There are 50 employees in the Sylt spa/medical clinic alone, and they work together to provide individual programmes for each guest.

Lanserhof also has a product manager who works with selected companies to create bespoke products. The company is mindful that guests will get the best results when they continue their healthy lifestyle after their stay, so these products are developed with that outcome in mind.

The target audience for all Lanserhof locations are people who want to improve their overall health. These include those who may have an unhealthy lifestyle and want to de-stress, as well as people who feel healthy but are seeking a reset.

Photo: Lisa Starr

The experience centres around the Lanserhof Cure which has a focus on the health of the microbiome, – Lisa Starr

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 3
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