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Leisure Media - Art of Cryo: Next level cryo


Art of Cryo: Next level cryo

Art of Cryo is combining cryotherapy and well-tech to elevate and enhance the traditional cryotherapy experience

Body scanning shows before and after results Photo: Shutterstock/Fractal Pictures
Time in the cryotherapy chamber is being combined with well-tech Photo: Art of Cryo
The Multi Cryo-Hacking System will launch in Q1 2023 Photo: Art of Cryo
Art of Cryo is using the MCRC, Vital X to monitor physical changes Photo: Art of Cryo

It’s well-documented that cryotherapy can have a multitude of benefits for both physical and mental health, but Rainer Bolsinger, chief sales officer and chief marketing officer at Art of Cryo says the company wants to take this to the next level. “We’re now combining our whole body cryotherapy with advanced technology and complementary therapies,” he says. “The inspiration behind these innovations is the desire to offer even more results from cryotherapy.”

Made to measure
Bolsinger says Art of Cryo has begun using 3D body scanning equipment to create a millimetre-precise avatar of the body in just 40 seconds. “This technology not only documents the effects of cryotherapy,” he explains, “but also gives users a clear insight into the physical impact of their chosen programmes.”

The scan measures values such as weight, fat-free mass, body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio and waist-to-height ratio. In addition, a posture analysis is created and basal metabolic rate is determined. Art of Cryo suggests clients have a scan during their first and last visits to compare results.

To complement the experience, the company has partnered with wearable specialist, MCRC, Vital X – makers of smart rings – to enable customers to track their vital signs during cold therapy sessions. “This collaboration enables customers to benefit from high-precision, real-time monitoring of vital data before, during and after their time in the cryotherapy chamber,” says Bolsinger.

All users receive an evaluation of their blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, heart rate variability and oxygen saturation following their time in the cryo chamber.

Multi Cryo-Hacking System
“As of Q1 2023, Art of Cryo says it will set the gold standard in the cryotherapy market with an all-new innovation, the Multi Cryo-Hacking System,” says Bolsinger.

“This vessel will allow clients to combine cryotherapy with three different types of light therapy (blue, green and red), ionised oxygen therapy and long wave heat therapy, to offer them the world’s most sophisticated whole-body cryotherapy experience,” he says.

“The Multi Cryo-Hacking System will offer consumers hundreds of different programmes which vary in therapy combination, sequence of services and length of time – all will be available as solo or group experiences,” he explains.

Positive pressure
The company also offers intermittent vacuum therapy (IVT) – the Art of Cryo Flow System – which delivers lymphatic drainage, encourages recovery and supports performance enhancement.

These vacuum and positive pressure systems are designed to promote recovery, strengthen connective tissue and contour the body. Originally developed by NASA and the German Aerospace Center, IVT is believed to enhance the health effects of cryotherapy.

More: www.artofcryo.com

Photo: Art of Cryo

"We’re combining our whole body cryotherapy with advanced technology and complementary therapies" – Rainer Bolsinger

Originally published in Spa Business 2022 issue 3
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