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Leisure Media

Established in 1981, Leisure Media publishes a wide range of business magazines and online services for professionals working in the leisure industries. The company works in partnership with over 20 different trade bodies and holds over 100,000 key industry contacts

The Leisure Media timeline
  WellHOF – the Wellness Hall of Fame – is founded by Leisure Media to recognise and celebrate the work of industry pioneers across the entire wellness industry, while also enshrining their collective wisdom in a central library.
  Spa Opportunities is rebranded as Spa Business insider, to unite the global Spa Business brand which shares news, insight and research with decision-makers across the spa and wellness sectors.
  Fit Tech magazine, website and ezine launch as a prosumer service, sharing news, research and insight with businesses, investors and engaged consumers on the rapid-emerging market for technology in the spa and wellness, health and fitness, sport, beauty and health markets.
  Well Home magazine is launched. The world's first prosumer magazine for the home wellness market. Our aim is to enable people around the world to use their home as a base to live their best life.
  CLADbook is launched. Sent to key influencers who are responsible for engaging architects and designers and for the procurement of products and services across the leisure industry.
  CLADmag is launched. A glossy quarterly magazine which talks to the people making things happen in leisure architecture and design, investment and development.
  AM2 magazine is launched. Sister publication to Attractions Management and the first jobs and news magazine for the global visitor attractions industry.
  Leisure Media launched the Leisure Handbook – the best of the leisure industry.
  The Sports Management Handbook is published – an essential resource for the sports industry.
  Leisure Media launched the Attractions Management Handbook – the global resource for attractions professionals.
  The Spa Business Handbook is published for the first time – the global resource for spa professionals.
  Leisure Media introduced digital editions, making
all magazines readable online in September.
  Managing director of Leisure Media, Liz Terry, gets
awarded an MBE for her contribution to publishing.
  Leisure Media launched the Health Club Management Handbook – a reference for the health and fitness industry.
  Spa Business magazine was launched in 2003, followed by the industry’s news-based magazine Spa Opportunities in 2006.
  Leisure Media launched its ezines.
  Sports Management was first published.
  Leisure Opportunities went online with a flow of daily news and jobs in 1997, two years before the Guardian and The Times.
  Attractions Management and Health Club Management were launched.
  Leisure Opportunities was the second title to launch.
  Leisure Media was founded and published its first magazine, Leisure Management.
Hot facts

Since its launch, approximately 12 million copies of Leisure Opportunities have been posted. If the magazines were stacked, this would equate to 39,370ft – more than 10,000ft higher than Mount Everest. If laid flat, the line would reach 2,236miles, from our head offices in Hitchin over the Ural Mountains to the city of Perm in Russia (or the distance between New York and Las Vegas).

In the last five years, the Leisure Opportunities’ news team has written 29,260 stories.

In 2008 alone, Leisure Media printed more than one million magazines.

Leisure Media magazines are sent to more than 100 countries.

Leisure Media has more than 65,000 ezine subscribers and over 14,000 digital magazine subscribers.

Leisure Media has 59,045 visitors to its digital turning page magazine editions each quarter.

www.leisureopportunities.co.uk is the company’s most visited website with 360,000 individual visitors each month.

The Leisure Media team consumes around 18,750 cups of tea and coffee a year, keeping us on the ball with all the
latest industry news.

Leisure Media