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HCM magazine
Keep up to date with the health & fitness market by reading the leading title for the industry.
HCM magazine UK 1 Year (11 issues) £67

HCM magazine EU 1 Year (11 issues) £86

HCM magazine International 1 Year (11 issues) £120

HCM magazine UK student 1 Year (11 issues) £33

HCM Handbook
The HCM Handbook offers an up-to-date guide to the UK health and fitness market, bringing together expert commentary on trends, analysis of the latest consumer research and briefings on industry development, plus 'Who's who' profiles of industry leaders and organisations – all in an easy to use format.
HCM Handbook EU 1 issue £64

HCM Handbook UK 1 issue £54

HCM Handbook International 1 issue £69

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