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Wall's announces new product line-up for 2005

Wall's has announced several new additions to its ice cream range for 2005, along with a £24 million investment programme.

The launch of Carte D'Or Lavazza - Lavazza ice cream blended with chocolate flakes - will follow on from the introduction last September of Carte D'Or flavours Toblerone and Terry's Chocolate Orange. Wall's is anticipating strong sales of the new product and the Carte D'Or brand in general will be supported by a £6.5m ad campaign during the year.

Cornetto will see the launch of Cornetto Passion, ice cream swirled with caramel sauce and featuring chocolate mousse inside the cone and a fudge chunks topping.

In a move to children's products containing only natural colours and flavours, the company will be introducing Wall's Big Milk, a milk based vanilla and chocolate flavour ice cream. Also for children, Calippo Shots will be introduced to Walls' kids range in 2005. They will replace Solero Shots and be available in a new Lemon and Strawberry flavour.

Fans of the Magnum brand can look forward the Magnum 5 Senses Limited Edition. Flavours includes Touch, hazelnut ice cream in milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces; Aroma, vanilla ice cream in rich chocolate with coffee bean inclusions; Sound, coconut ice cream and rich chocolate swirl in a dark chocolate coating and with caramelised sugar pieces; Taste, vanilla ice cream with a thick chocolate coating and a caramel ice cream core; and - in a new shape - Vision, strawberry ice cream and a deep red strawberry swirl coated in white chocolate.

Touch and Aroma are available now and will remain so until April. Sound and Taste will be unwrapped for May and June, while Vision and Taste will be in-store from July until September. The Magnum brand itself will be supported by a £6.5m campaign.

For the In Home sector, the company will be introducing Wall's Desserts. Available in Lemon Meringue, Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Brownie flavours, the new range will benefit from the £6.5m support for the everyday Wall's brand this year.

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