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Ytsara completes rebranding

The Ytsara Thailand has been redeveloped and relaunched through the use of new formulas, packaging and marketing material, plus a new hotel amenity line.

• New Formulas – thanks to a natural preservative based on botanical ingredients, all Ytsara products are now certified 100 per cent natural and suitable for vegetarians.

• New Packaging – to coincide with the new formulas, all Ytsara products in the retail and professional range are being made available in new packaging.

There are different colours to represent the differing lines for face, body and lifestyle products with all packaging being recyclable

• New Marketing – Ytsara’s logo has been redesigned to give the brand a stylish new look, while Ytsara skincare products will be available in retail samples of 5ml tubes to support the spa’s retail sales.

• New Hotel Amenities – Ytsara has now also launched a 5* offering of a 100 per cent natural line of amenity products all based on red rice.

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