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The enchanted fog

A FogScreen™ walk-through screen is featured in a promotional tour for the new Walt Disney film, Enchanted.

The film was released in November/December 2007 and the tour is travelling to the main European cities of London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels and Munich.

One of the key features of the movie is an enchanted wishing well, the effects of which in the tour have been created by FogScreen using its modular FogScreen One product.

A Finnish invention, FogScreen - which uses ordinary water and contains no chemicals - generates a thin, dry fog that enables people to walk through an image projected in mid-air.

This was exactly what Enchanted Experience Project Manager, Maria Walker was looking for and she commented: “FogScreen's real life movement and fluidity capture a water effect like no other. Our concept required guests to walk through the well water effect without getting wet, which is just what the system allows.”

In addition to the Enchanted tour, FogScreen has spent the recent months providing experiences for many well-known world brands such as Harrah?s hotels, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, x-box, Nokia and BudLight amongst others.

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