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Who is leaving your club this week?

Q: Who is leaving your club?

A: Simple, those that you don't see. Why? Because they are not being touched by you - there's no positive exchange for their investment.

The more visible, connected and interactive your club is with a member the greater the likelihood that they will stay a member.

The challenge is finding ways to stay more visible or to increase your involvement in their membership.

It's not enough to simply have your doors open -to be available. Fostering member involvement is an active, dynamic process and, by creating as many 'touch point' opportunities as possible, you will begin to harvest the value that comes from improved retention.

Touchpoint - a point of contact or interaction, especially between a business and its customers or consumers: every touchpoint must reflect, reinforce, and reiterate your core brand strategy. Read more......

Retention Management regularly delivers millions of high quality personalised attendance-based touchpoints members on behalf of clubs around the world - growth of over 70 per cent during 2012 for Retention Management in Europe shows that after nearly ten years of serving health clubs we have not lost touch with our own customers

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