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The secret weapons of successful sports training

A high-quality and portable personal care brand for active people has been launched. Secret Training has been created by Tim Lawson – a European Champion track cyclist and the founder of nutrition brand Science in Sport (SiS).

The Secret Training ‘Strip’ range is intended to combat the germs – and potential subsequent illness – created by typical training sessions, which by their very nature can become unhygienic and unhealthy. The range includes sunscreen, anti-friction cream, hand sanitizer and post-race wash among others.

Lawson said that each product had been specially designed to answer a real need, and all are produced with essential ingredients to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

“Having read the lengthy and often scary ingredients list on a variety of oil and rub product labels, it was clear there was scope to create better formulas and work towards a fully, ‘informed sport’ brand – made for athletes, by athletes,” he said.

“We want to become a part of an athlete’s daily training and racing regime helping them to perform at their optimum and enjoy good health and fitness.”

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