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Adding a waterpark for expansion a growing trend, says Polin

The $6.5m (€5m, £4m) addition of a new waterpark at Isla Magica theme park is the latest example of a growing trend in Europe, according to Polin.

Park owners the Looping Group partnered with Turkish company Polin for the creation of the new Aqua Magica waterpark, which has been added as a major part of a strategy to ensure long-term guest interest at the Seville, Spain-based Isla Magica.

Several of Polin’s rides have been installed at the waterpark, including ‘Racer Twin Hybrid’, ‘Black Hole + Rafting Slide Combination’, ‘Rafting Slide + Flying Boats’, and ‘Freefall’.

"We wanted to invest in attractions that would not only excite local residents and entice them to come back many times over the summer season but that would also intrigue visitors from outside the area," said Laurent Bruloy, CEO of France-headquartered Looping Group, which owns nine leisure parks in Europe.

“We know that these waterslides will help build guest loyalty because they are unique and thrilling. Plus, we'll provide an actual beach experience with our wave pool in an area of Spain that is far from the coast.”

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