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EMS-based training programme launches in the UK

A new personal training programme is hoping to be at the forefront of an increased uptake in the UK of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) as an effective workout.

The E-Fit programme combines physical exercise with the latest generation of EMS technology into a new workout concept which lasts 20 minutes.

Already popular in Europe, E-Fit predicts that EMS will be embraced in the UK in 2015 by personal trainers as well as physiotherapists.

In an E-Fit session class participants undertake a dynamic workout, while at the same time, EMS technology works by sending electric impulses to the body’s 10 key muscle groups, causing them to work up to 10 times harder than during a normal PT session.

A single session is led by an E-Fit certified personal trainer and both exercise novices and seasoned enthusiasts may participate. The electrical pulses sent to the muscles during a workout are controlled by the trainer from an E-Fit device.

Participants also wear a tailor-made suit over a cotton fitness top and leggings, comprising of an E-Fit vest and shorts made of anti-bacterial, breathable fabric fitted with EMS pads.

E-Fit is currently available in Kensington Studio gym and Santi Spa, also in Kensington, and will be offered at new locations in Chelsea and Canary Wharf in January.

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