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Be yourself and live in the moment

Believing itself to be more than just a brand, Yemaya regards its teas as having a soul, revolving around a ‘Simply Be’ philosophy that encourages being yourself and living in the moment.

To achieve such lofty aims, the French company offers its teas in special collections, of which there are currently five encompassing 16 types of tea. These include: ‘Chocothé’, combining oolong and white tea; ‘Thé à Moi’, which is red tea with buds of rose; and ‘Elixir de Fleurs à infuser’.

Its latest collection is ‘7 Moods’, which incorporates seven recipes mixing spices from Madagascar with a black tea from China, while ‘Bonbons de Thé à Infuser’ is the company’s most popular. The puerh teas in this collection feature health benefits such as lowering levels of cholesterol, lowering the level of sugar in the blood, burning fat and, in some cases, being very rich in antioxidants.

Additionally, exclusive and often unique products are reserved for gastronomic restaurants and hotels. Already present in France, Italy, Hungary, Doha and the US, Yemaya hopes to soon expand to Dubai, London, Hong Kong and Thailand.

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