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25 Sep 2015

Tiny spa pops up in DC micro-living community
BY Jane Kitchen

Tiny spa pops up in DC micro-living community

Massage and body treatment practice Wonder Woman Wellness has launched a pop-up office at the pioneering Washington, D.C. tiny house community Micro Showcase.

Founded by Brian Levy, Micro Showcase has a growing display of micro structures – all under 350sq ft (32.5sq m) – and showcases micro tech (sustainable technologies), micro furnishings (space saving solutions) and micro grow (an orchard, garden and apiary). It also includes Levy’s Minim House, designed by Will Couch of Foundry Architects.

Micro Showcase’s mission to explore how to live well – sustainably – and to bring together architects, designers, planners, developers, contractors and “doers” who design, build and live micro. It also serves as an educational site, and students from Cordozo High School are building the DC Students Tiny House there.

Wonder Woman Wellness’s pop-up spa is located in the 288sq ft (26.75sq m) Studio Shed – built by Levy as a multi-use, communal property in the tiny house community.

“The design challenge here was to be everything else: woodshop, metal shop, bike repair and store, large dining room, guest space, fireplace lounge, recording studio, and meditation space,” said Levy. “It can be all those things, although not simultaneously.”

Beandrea July, owner of Wonder Woman Wellness, has spent a decade in the healing arts, but started her own business last year. She hopes the tiny house pop-up will inspire others in the industry.

“One of the biggest barriers (to starting your own business) is real estate and getting into a space,” she told Spa Opportunities.

July specialises in hot stone massages, but also offers Reiki, deep tissue, sugar scrubs and other body treatments.

“Micro Showcase makes perfect sense for my business, because I don’t need that much space to operate,” said July. “Plus being on the grounds feels like being in nature, even though you’re in the heart of the city. It’s a unique experience that clients cannot get anywhere else in DC.”

The pop-up spa is being held on the third Saturdays in September, October and November. Beandrea July said the September event was a success, and she’s hopeful it will continue beyond the three months.

“It was a great start,” she said. “I’m going to build on it from there, and maybe someday I’ll have a tiny house of my own.”

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