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Ytsara debuts skincare innovations

Luxury Asian skincare brand Ytsara has debuted new technology, combining traditional Eastern rituals with Western scientific advances for natural skincare solutions. The technology forms part of a new range of products and treatments.

Ytsara’s Elixir Originel technology uses active ingredients consisting of zinc, green tea, aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin designed to boost cellular renewal, reinforce collagen production and protect against environmental factors.

Ytsara has also developed Living Water, used in its new 30-strong professional and retail product line, Living Water is water that has been restored to its natural and purest form and is created through a process that returns water to its original molecular state, free from chemical and metal pollutants.

The combination of Living Water and the Elixir Originel is designed to allow skin to reach optimal hydration levels and deliver active ingredients deep into the skin cells.

Ytsara’s treatment menu offers more than 30 spa experiences, with a range of skin and body boosting treatments designed to rejuvenate, heal, restore, relax, rescue, detox and contour.

In addition to the new product line Ytsara will also debut a 5000 year old Thai massage technique, Tok Sen, in the UK.

Tok Sen, meaning ‘take off the energy’, is an ancient technique previously found only in the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand.

Tok Sen is based on the principles of vibration therapy, and involves rhythmical tapping to create vibrations that relieve aches and pains, improve blood circulation, clear energy blockages, stimulate circulation, ease sore tendons, pinched nerves/ numbness and relieve tension.

Ytsara is distributed and delivered by Satya Life which offers training and continuous support to ensure success.

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