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Polin creates the third largest waterpark in France

Polin Waterparks has partnered with leisure park and outdoor recreation design firm, Edsun Loisirs to create O’Gliss Waterpark, the third largest waterpark in France.

O’Gliss extends over more than 200km and features 12 waterslides, including Polin’s most popular slides: Freefall, the Kamikaze, Looping Rocket and Turbo Lance.

The park is split into four sections: Ludo Park, Sunset Playa, Exploral O and Délir Space.

Ludo Park is designed for younger children, and features a small pool offering activities and games.

Sunset Playa, is an area designed for relaxation, it features a wave pool, sun loungers and palm trees.

Exploral O has a ‘wild river’ where guests can free float along a relaxing river, or test themselves against stronger currents.

Délir Space was designed for thrill seekers and features a variety of water slides to test guests limits.

Waterslides at the park include: the Giant Body slide, the Twister Racer and the Multi Surf ride.

The Giant Body slide lets guests reach varying speeds through sudden drops and straightaways. Twister Racer is a four-lane multi slide featuring intertwining tubes and twisting turns. Multi Surf lets guests race in head-to-head competitions.

There is also a pirate-themed water play structure for younger visitors, designed to ‘excite young imaginations.’ It features tipping buckets, smaller slides, net climbs and water cannons.

Children can also ride smaller versions of the park’s most popular rides, including the Kid Body Slide, the Kids Wide Slides and the Kid’s Freefall.

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