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Power up

Spinning®, the world’s number one indoor cycling brand, has a reputation for delivering more than an indoor ride – it’s a carefully crafted experience, creating a strong following and sense of community, which is why the newest member of the Spinner® bikes developed by Precor, the Spinner® Chrono™ Power, is a dream come true for indoor cycling enthusiasts. It combines the feel of riding a road bike with precise, direct power measurement.

Adam Hubbard, Director of Product Management for Precor comments: “After three years of development and testing, our aim was to bring to market a bike with premium features that exceed expectations in all areas of Spinning. The Spinner® Chrono™ Power has been uniquely designed to enhance this experience with both operators and exercisers in mind.”

The bike offers several exceptional features:

- The breakthrough design eliminates the need to ever supply or replace batteries in either the console or power sensor, providing a self-powered and reliable bike.

- The self-powered generator stores energy and supplies current to the console to power the backlight and give riders three minutes after they stop pedalling to review their performance and download data onto a smartphone. The generator also provides energy to the power sensor.

- The console includes the Precor Active Status Light™ that alerts staff when the bike needs attention, making it easier to maintain, decreasing product downtime.

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