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Kieran Sloyan discusses the Swimtag lane display

Online swimming tracker platform Swimtag has extended its current offering with the launch of the Swimtag lane display.

The Swimtag lane display is an automated system allows swimmers to track their performance in real time, swimmers are issued with a Swimtag wristband that tracks the swimmer’s pace, total distance covered and the number of lengths completed. Swimmers simply touch their wristbands to the screen to display their data.

Kieran Sloyan, managing director at Swimtag, says: “The new lane displays take the Swimtag user experience to a whole new level. The ability to access real time data enables swimmers to make immediate adjustments to their training session.”

Sloyan adds: “It enables swimmers to move closer to their personal goals, whether this be distance covered in a target time or number of lengths completed in a session. The lane displays also help to keep swimmers focused on their target pace, ensuring they get the maximum health and fitness benefits from each and every session.”

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