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Reaxing launches Reax Lift barbell

Italian fitness equipment manufacturer Reaxing has launched the Reax Lift, a barbell designed to deliberately destabilise the user, in order to enhance training performance.

Reaxing claims that the ReaxLift is the first barbell in the world to utilise instability to create ‘groundbreaking’ neuromuscular training.

The barbell uses cast-iron disks or Reax Water-Disks that oscillate, rotate and bounce when the barbell is being used. Inertia, dynamics, progressive resistance and centrifugal force are unpredictably activated providing a unique training experience to the user, as they exercise.

The Reax Water-Disks come in a variety of different weights and feature soft-shock technology to prevent damage to the floor.

Gionata D’Alesio, CEO of Reaxing, says: “Reax Lift turns the very concept of weight training upside down. It is completely unique and allows the user to perform endless training solutions.”

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