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Paul Venner introduces Hydrovest by Ultimate Instability

Dutch fitness company Ultimate Instability has released the Hydrovest, an innovative weighted vest designed to utilises water training.

The water creates instability that is designed to maximise training by improving dynamic stability, optimising movement patterns, increasing motor skills and enabling users to carry out more controlled actions.

It is made from durable plastic and can hold up to 20 litres of water. The weight can be adapted to suit the user’s needs and training level, and it features patented technology that is designed to ensure a comfortable fit for all users.

Venner, founder of Ultimate Instability and creator of the Hydrovest says that the design was influenced by the unpredictability of everyday life.

Venner adds: “The Hydrovest adds a new dimension to functional training and creates new possibilities to train dynamic stability.”

The Hydrovest made its European debuted at FIBO back in March and won a sportinnovator award in 2015.

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