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Virgin Active’s new class really packs a punch

Virgin Active’s Barbican health club has introduced a new class to its line up.

Punch is an all over body boxing workout designed to train speed, core and power, using a combination of six basic boxing punches.

The class begins with a four-minute warm up and consists of 12 rounds of increasing difficulty.

Rounds 1-4 are called amateur rounds. The rounds are two minutes long and designed to ease participants into the class.

Rounds 5 - 10, known as the professional rounds, offer a series of more complex challenges utilising the same punches used in the previous rounds.

Round 11, the knockout round, focuses on speed. Participants work in pairs to motivate each other whilst working at a punch bag.

The final round, Round 12, focuses on ab training and is designed to strengthen the core and improve balance.

The class ends with a four-minute cool down.

Punch is currently exclusive to the Barbican club with future plans to roll it out nationwide.

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