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Holovis creates Hunger Games aerial tour at MotiongateDubai

UK-based experience design firm Holovis has created the Panem Aerial Tour, a new attraction for The World of the Hunger Games, in the highly anticipated Lionsgate zone at Motiongate Dubai.

The Panem Aerial Tour is a 3D hovercraft ride that takes guests on an exhilarating flight across the districts of Panem, on their way to the Capitol.

The attraction is designed to completely immerse riders in the narrative, and features an innovative new take on the traditional Immersive Tunnel solution. The aerial tour features a dual set-up with two 30-seat motion systems. Two screens, measuring 6.2m x 24m (20 ft x 78.7 ft), curve on both axis to enclose the ride vehicle and the audience sightlines to keep the riders fully immersed.

Nine Digital Projection HighLite laser projectors, mounted on Holovis’ bespoke OptiRig system, were used to create 3D images. The OptiRig is designed for easy installation and ongoing maintenance in a restricted space, and features a mechanical lift.

Holovis also developed PixControl for the project, an auto-alignment system that automates pixel alignment across the screens’ curved surfaces. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into the show control system so that operators can ensure optimal pixel configuration on a daily basis.

To complete the experience Holovis used its HiFiniti 7:2 surround solution to create audio immersion and SFX systems and motion control technology to synchronise the rides movements with the media.

Matt Dobbs, Holovis’ Middle East business development manager, says: “Our new design takes the traditional immersive tunnel to a whole new level by enhancing multisensory experiences through unique and complex AV configuration. Guests will feel they are truly at the heart of the story as they fly over the different districts and try to escape the plot to capture them by the Capitol.”

The World of the Hunger Games also features a rollercoaster, live-action entertainment and food and retail outlets.

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