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Technogym expands Skill line with new launch

Technogym has launched the SkillRun, a new treadmill that combines both cardio and power training in a single solution.

The SkillRun, which launched last week, is the third product to be added to Technogym’s growing Skill line – an innovative range of fitness equipment designed for both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts.Other products in the range include the SkillRow and the SkillMill.

The SkillRun is the first treadmill on the market that offers both cardio and power training. It is designed to provide users with the ‘ultimate running experience’, and features a top speed of 30km and an incline that ranges between -3 and 25 per cent.

The SkillRun also uses Technogym’s interactive Unity platform, which is designed to keep users engaged and motivated by offering a completely customisable workout including data tracking, digital content and personalised training programmes.

In addition, it includes four different patents; Multidrive technology, Parachute training kit, Biofeedback and SkillRun class.

The Multidrive technology is a patent-pending innovation that enables users to change between cardiovascular and power training modes without dismounting the equipment.

The Parachute training kit, is designed to reproduce the sensation of running outdoors in optimised conditions. It consists of a steel frame support and an ergonomically designed adjustable belt that can be used to perform parachute resistance training.

Biofeedback is an exclusive interactive technology that tracks the user’s performance in real time and offers colour-coded feedback.

SkillRun Class is a new tool that allows health club operators to manage group running workouts more effectively, from booking to results and data management.

Nerio Alessandi, founder and president of Technogym, says: “Within our extensive Technogym ecosystem of product, service and digital offering, the new Skill line represents the ideal solution for providing consumers and operators with athletic performance training in order to respond to the growing market trend for this kind of high intensity training, both in boutique studios and in full service clubs.”

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