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Oskoui + Oskoui announces partnership with Vertuoso

Digital creative agency Oskoui + Oskoui (O&O) has signed a partnership deal with ‘vertical storytelling’ specialist, Vertuoso, that will see the creative production agency become the exclusive content provider for O&O’s Gretel mobile app.

The Gretel mobile app is an online platform that has been designed for use in themed entertainment destinations, theme parks, art galleries and museums.

The app connects to the site using wifi triangulation and beacon technologies. Once a connection is established pop up content, including video and augmented reality, will appear on the app to enhance the visitor experience. Visitors will also have access to their location land information about their experiences through the app.

Vertuoso will be responsible for creating vertical video content, that is designed to enhance the visitor experience as well as be user-friendly.

Jo Oskoui, co-founder of O&O, says Vertical storytelling aligns with our user centred design philosophy that tracks new consumer behaviours, and adapts user experience design to match this behaviour.”

Curt Doty, CEO of Vertuoso, says: “Vertical viewing has increased 600 per cent over the last five years - vertical videos have nine times higher completion rates - and users have come to expect vertical content. Think Snapchat. Gretel is a natural fit for the content that we specialise in creating.”

Doty adds: “We believe that Gretel is bound to help revolutionise the ways in which museums, art galleries, theme parks and themed entertainment sites will interact with their guests in the near future.

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