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Margaret Dabbs launches Fabulous Legs collection

Margaret Dabbs London has expanded its line of targeted hand and foot care products with the launch of a new leg care range.

Fabulous Legs is a five-piece collection designed for use in spa treatments. The products are all formulated with Margaret Dabbs' exclusive ingredients: V-Tonic and Legance.

V-Tonic is a blend of five essential oils; cypress, lavandin, lemon, rock rose and wild mint, that is designed to stimulate circulation, decrease inflammation, as well as act as a venous decongestant and vasoconstrictor, to leave the legs feeling smooth, light and refreshed.

Legance is an anti-ageing formula that is designed to target combats signs of ageing on the legs. It features active ingredients designed to reduce water retention and refine fatty adipose tissue.

The line consists of a toning leg scrub, leg firming serum, black leg masque, yellow leg masque and finish glow leg spray.

The toning leg scrub is designed to aid circulation, promote venous de-congestion, clear impurities and promote skin elasticity. It contains argan and sweet almond oils and Alpha Lupaline.

The leg firming serum is designed to improve the skin tone and texture, as well as improve the skin’s elasticity. It features Alpha Lupaline, argan and abyssinian oils for healthy, hydrated skin.

The black leg masque is designed to stimulate circulation and reduce swelling. It features smart timer technology that changes the masks colour when the treatment is complete, and contains the V-Tonic complex and charcoal, to detoxify the skin.

The yellow leg masque is designed to brighten the skin and boost circulation. Its key ingredients include the V-Tonic complex, and argan and sweet almond oils, as well as Alpha Lupaline to deeply hydrate the skin, promote skin elasticity and remove impurities.

The finish glow leg spray is designed to leave the legs looking firm and toned. It contains both the Legance formula and the V-Tonic complex to soothe and cool the skin, and reduce water content.

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