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Kvorning’s new exhibition takes Lego fans on a journey through the iconic toy’s history

Danish design studio Kvorning Design and Communication (Kvorning) has designed a new, permanent exhibition at the official Lego History Museum, at The Lego House in Billund, Denmark.

Kvorning was enlisted to create an exhibition that tells the story of Lego. It features two major experiences; Timeline and Monolith.

Timeline takes visitors back in time through Lego’s 85 year history, including the invention of the Lego brick, which recently celebrated its 60th birthday. It uses models, photos, packaging and text to tell Lego’s story, while film clips and a soundscape are used to create an authentic atmosphere. One wall features interactive animated shadows that guests can run, jump and play catch with.

Monolith is described as a unique treasury of childhood memories. It features hundreds of original Lego sets arranged from floor-to-ceiling along the walls. Three large cylinders in the centre of the room showcase iconic Lego models from different eras, while the middle cylinder serves as an interactive table that contains digital versions of almost every Lego set ever made. Visitors can log in and explore the Lego back catalogue and create a list of their favourites.

Lego House is a visitor attraction in Billund, Denmark, that celebrates the iconic toy. It features a conference centre, three restaurants, and four colour-coded play zone, as well as a Masterpiece Gallery, that displays impressive creations by Lego enthusiasts, and the Lego History Museum.

It opened in September of last year and was designed to resemble a giant stack of Lego bricks by acclaimed Danish architect and Lego enthusiast, Bjarke Ingles. It was described by the architect as a "joyful exploration of Lego."

Trine Nissen, senior communication and PR manager at Lego House, says: "Lego products are the crown jewels in the exhibition. LEGO sets have been instrumental to many children over the past 60 years and we would like to reconnect guests with their childhood memories of playing with Lego."

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