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Fusion completes major AV installation at Little Big City

UK-based AV specialist Fusion has been named as the tech integrator behind Merlin Entertainment’s Little Big City attraction in Berlin.

The attraction, which takes visitors on a journey through Berlin’s history dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, was in development for two and a half years.

Merlin’s creative team partnered with production company Figment Productions and Fusion to create the attraction, which features 3D interactive miniature sets and projection mapping to showcase key events and bring the experience to life.

Fusion were responsible for the installation of all the AV tech, which included approximately 100 speakers, 36 projectors and 15 screens, that had to be carefully placed in and around the model sets.

The company installed a range of Optoma projectors including the Optoma ZH400USTultra short throw laser projector and the ZU510 laser projectors.

Fusion’s director Ian Carling says: "We used mostly Optoma lamp-free laser projectors throughout the attraction as they provide 20,000 hours operation with virtually no maintenance. We also chose laser because they offer versatile orientation, including portrait mode and downward projection, which gave us the flexibility we needed."

"Having installed Optoma projectors in other projects, we know they deliver high-quality imagery while being reliable and cost-effective. We knew they would deliver the team’s ambitious vision within the budget without compromising quality or reliability."

"Little Big City brings the history of the city to life in a very entertaining way. Visitors get absorbed in the stories and experience a real mix of emotions as they walk through."

"This emotional response is not just due to the content of the displays but also how it is delivered - the sounds and special effects play a major role in making this such an exciting attraction to visit. We are really pleased with the performance of the AV equipment. It looks brilliant," he adds.

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