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Subtle Energies launches aromatherapy patches

Australian wellness and skincare brand Subtle Energies has launched a range of aromatherapy inhalation patches.

The company, which creates results-driven natural skincare and aromatherapy products based on traditional Ayervedic practices, has developed a range of inhalation patches designed to give users easy access to aromatherapy whilst on the go. Users simply apply the patch to their skin, which then slowly release their aromas over a number of hours.

The patches come in three different types; Sleep, Detox & Adrenals and Yoga, and are available as a retail and amenities line for spas. They can also be used to enhance treatments or as part of a guests aftercare.

Additionally, Nick Irani, CEO of Subtle Energies, suggests that the patches can also be used to bridge the gap between hotels and spas, particularly in urban environments, to offer guests a moment of calm when they don't have the time to spend in a spa.

"The patches are a convenient way for guests to benefit from aromatherapy. They're useful for flying, at the office and before sleep, but can also be used in a spa environment as part of a treatment programme," says Irani.

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