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Bazyliszek opens at Legendia

Bazyliszek (Basilisk) Alterface's next generation dark-ride has opened at Legendia theme park in Poland.

Billed as a one-of-a-kind experience Basilisk takes riders on a thrilling adventure inspired by stories from traditional Polish folklore, and is the first attraction of its kind to open in Poland.

It features a queue and preshow, created by Dutch experiential design firm Jora Vision, designed to immerse guests in the experience from the moment they set foot on the attraction.

During the preshow guests enter the headquarters for the Monster Hunters Guild, where they are informed that the peaceful village of Kurkowo is being terrorised by monsters, including the fearsome Basilisk. Riders are given a special task which they must carry out during the ride in order to defeat the Basilisk. They then board Monster Hunter vehicles, designed by ETF ride systems, and are taken on an immersive adventure through forests and caves.

The ride culminates in a fierce battle between the riders and the Basilisk. Riders are equipped with Monster Hunter Guns - a 'weapon', designed by Alterface, which uses light and mirror technology to create a laser-like effect - to defend themselves, and score points.

"Our goal was to build a high-level dark ride around a well-known Polish legend, and at an affordable budget", said Legendia CEO Pawel Cebula.

"With the new Basilisk ride we offer an advanced mixed-media attraction that will appeal to young and old. Thanks to the dedication and involvement of the Alterface and Jora Vision teams we managed to create a unique new attraction in Legendia. We have all truly enjoyed building this ride", he added.

"It was interesting to bring this fascinating and epic story alive with our trusted partners", said St├ęphane Battaille, COO of Alterface.

"With the new Basilisk ride we created a diverse mix of the newest media techniques, including video mapping and projections, combined with compelling scenery. This engaging ride will certainly enchant the Polish public", Battaille added.

"This topnotch dark ride with the latest technology will put Legendia firmly on the map in Poland and Europe. It demonstrates their innovative view on entertainment, applying technology to drive engaging attractions. We are very proud of the result and are confident many visitors will enjoy this ride in the coming years", said Alterface founder and CEO Benoit Cornet.

Robin van der Want, project development director at Jora Vision, said: "With Basilisk we have proven that you can create a very impressive dark ride experience with limited budgets, as long as you invest in clever design, smart building method, good integration of lighting and media, and carefully crafters props and decoration."

Alterface served as the main contractor for the project, and oversaw the overall ride experience, while Jora Vision were responsible for the ride's theming.

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