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Serco introduces its own More Fitness app, developed by Netpulse

Serco Leisure has launched a new branded fitness app, allowing its members to track progress, and book classes at the centres it operates.

More Fitness was developed by wellness tech specialist Netpulse and has been made available to all members at Serco-managed leisure centres.

The app enables users to automatically log workout sessions by taking a photo of equipment displays using xCapture.

The photos are then digitised, allowing users to keep accurate records of their exercise sessions.

More Fitness can also be integrated with wearable devices, and will be offering a range of monthly healthy activity challenges, where members can earn reward points redeemable at their centre.

"More Fitness is a robust and feature-rich mobile app, which goes far beyond the basic functionality you’d expect to find on a centre website," said Danny Woods, Netpulse’s head of account management.

“Leveraging features such as a rewards programme, integrations with member wearable devices and a digital referrals engine, this is a best-in-class mobile app, which engages Serco's users every time they work out."

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