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bobile X - The secret to a successful mobile app

Businesses today understand the need to be where their customers spend a lot of their time – on their mobile phones. By creating a branded mobile app, they hope to engage with their customers, and make it more convenient for them to do things like book appointments, order products, enjoy promotions and special offers. A good mobile app can do all this, but a great app can do even more - and that’s what bobile x is all about.

bobile X is a new concept that takes business apps to a whole new level. You see, it’s one thing to get your client to install your app on their mobile phone – but how do you get them to want to use it more and more?

bobile X makes your business a native part of your client’s mobile phone. Installing your mobile app turns them into an exclusive club member, eligible for exclusive offers and features such as a discount, a freebie, or a special treatment.

So what is the secret of bobile X?

With bobile X you reward customers not only for their loyalty but for using your app, the more they use it the more rewards they get.

Every action they take within the app, such as booking an appointment, can earn them points. What’s more, you decide which actions earn points and how many, and once you’ve defined the criteria, the app does the rest. Automatic push notifications - like Bravo, you’ve earned another 10 points - provide additional encouragement, showing your clients just how they are benefitting from engaging regularly with your mobile app.

As a business, you will also enjoy a range of convenient, added-value features. Editing and managing the app to reflect changes in opening times, treatments offered or even branding, is quick and easy. An analytics tool gives you an insight into your clients’ engagement, so you can see what works well and focus your efforts there. You can even use bobile X’s promotion tools to publicize your business on social media or via email… all this, and more, via the app.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, register for a free trial of bobile X at

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