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Neom Organics launches Wellbeing Pod

Neom Organics has released the Wellbeing Pod, a new electronic aromatherapy oil diffuser, as well as a complementary range of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends.

Billed as 'the future of home fragrance', the elegantly-designed pod is intended for at-home use and is available as a retail product for spas.

Neom claims that the pod delivers the optimal amount of scent, by creating high frequency vibrations that break the water and oils down into tiny particles before diffusing them into the air. It is also equipped with low-energy LED lights, a night light and a timer, making it suitable for use both during the day and at night.

In addition, the brand has created a range of four essential oil blends; Sleep, Destress, Boost Your Energy and Make You Happy, that are designed to help users achieve better sleep, stress less and boost energy and mood levels.

"The Wellbeing Pod is the perfect, powerful electronic diffuser for scenting large spaces in spas, letting wellbeing fragrance drift around the spa for your clients to breathe in and feel good," said Neom founder and creative director Nicola Elliott.

The Wellbeing Pod retails at £90 (US$117, €101) and the oils for £60 (US$78, €67)

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