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Bartok Design installs 'transformative' soaking tubs in SpaFusion at Pallazzo Varignana

Bartok Design, a Japan-based supplier of Ofuro (Japanese bathtubs), has completed a major installation at the newly opened SpaFusion at the Pallazzo Varignana hotel near Bologna, Italy.

The brainchild of Italian architect Iacopo Torrini, Bartok creates handmade Ofuro for spas. Used in traditional Japanese bathing rituals, Ofuro are soaking tubs, made from aromatic woods, designed specifically for relaxation purposes.

Guests simply lay back in hot scented water for 30 minutes to an hour, before emerging soothed and revitalised, their stresses soaked away.

The tubs, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, are made-to-order and are completely bespoke, with the company offering a range of model, size and material options, including straight and knotty hinoki wood

Iacopo Torrini, owner of Bartok Design, says: "Japanese bathing is a transformative experience. The aroma of the wood and the sound of running water create a sensory experience that serves as an antidote to modern life."

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