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New Warrens attraction opens at Conkers

UK-based visitor attraction Conkers has launched Warrens, a new underground family adventure experience.

Funded by a £120,000 Landfill Communities Fund grant from The Veolia Environmental Trust, as well as additional funding from the Maud Elkington Charitable Trust and Next plc, the attraction was designed to make guests feel as if they are underground in a rabbit warren.

Plunged into semi-darkness from the outset, visitors must rely on their senses to make their way through the attraction, which features 70m of intersecting tunnels, as well as sound and light pods, where they experience soothing wind chimes and a kaleidoscope of different colours, before exiting the attraction via a slide.

"The new Warrens underground adventure offers a unique view of the site and young explorers will love this new challenge," said Nicky Carlton, from Conkers.

MIke Ballantyne, project manager of the National Forest Charitable Trust, said: "Deep underground are the remnants of the tunnels used by miers for over 100 years. We are now creating new tunnels in the Conkers landscape but this time the form part of our new Warrens project - a partially underground experience replicating the tunnels and communal areas of a rabbit warren."

Lizzie Cooke from The Veolia Environmental Trust said: "The imaginative nature-themed design of the Warrens fitted our flagship funding criteria perfectly, allowing children and their imaginations to run wild.

"This definitely stands out as one of the best play areas we've supported," she added.

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