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MRMC launches innovative multi-camera solution for live sports capture

Nikon Group company Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRCM) has debuted Polycam One, an innovative multi-camera system designed for live sports capture.

A portable multi-camera workflow solution, the Polycam One enables a single operator to record a match from multiple camera positions simultaneously.

Powered by MRMC's Algorithmic Camera Control, the Polycam system can accommodate up to 12 robotic cameras, and works by mapping out the playing area and the camera locations, to capture complementary shots of the action, including wide and high-tactical views, while the operator records the match on the main camera.

Designed to provide a more dynamic visual experience, the cameras are IP connected, which means they can be used by a remote operator, who can adjust and control the cameras, and therefore the footage captured in real time.

Additionally, the portability of the system makes it ideal for use in multiple locations, as well as non-conventional or temporary venues, that do not have the infrastructure to support traditional camera solutions.

"Polycam One is an ideal solution to adding more camera angles to what would normally be a single camera operation," says MRMC managing director Assaff Rawner.

"Its innovative design means it can easy be deployed, configured and operated by one person and, with our robotic heads providing up to 12 additional cameras, gives users more options for capturing the action," Rawner adds.

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