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11 Oct 2018

Frida Escobedo Serpentine Pavilion sold to Therme Group
BY Andrew Manns

Frida Escobedo Serpentine Pavilion sold to Therme Group

Frida Escobedo, the youngest person yet to design a temporary Pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London, has recently sold her creation to international spa and wellness company, Therme Group.

According to Architects' Journal, Therme Group, which is perhaps most famous for operating Therme Bucharest–the largest thermal leisure facility ever developed in Europe on a greenfield site–made overtures to and later reached a deal with Escobedo’s Mexico-based firm in order to incorporate the installation into its Therme Art Programme.

First launched in October 2017 at the Royal Institution in London during the Frieze Academy Art and Architecture Conference, the programme was initiated to promote large-scale, site-specific artworks and to–as with the ancient but enduring Roman baths–“enable the creation of a significant and long-lasting cultural legacy”.

In June, Therme announced it would be expanding its investment into global architectural works by partnering with Design Miami.

The Pavilion installation, which has been described as a "timepiece that charts the passage of the day" and a "beautiful harmony of Mexican and British influences" ran from 14 June to 7 October.

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