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QubicaAMF's HyperBowling system wins IAAPA Brass Ring Award

QuibicaAMF, a leading manufacturer of bowling products, has been honoured with a prestigious IAAPA Brass Ring Award.

The company won first place in the category of participatory ride or attraction, winning for its HyperBowling attraction.

HyperBowling is a set of bowling games that features an innovative bumper system that are designed to be purposefully incorporated into game play. Lights inside the bumpers create moving targets, players score points by hitting or avoiding these targets, and each new game presents a new set of challenges.

To provide operators with a variety of bowling gaming options the HyperBowling system can be integrated into its BEX-X bowler entertainment system.

Stephanie Darby, marketing director at QubicaAMF, said: "Bowling has been around for a long time and there hasn't been a lot that has changed the game and I think that HyperBowling does that."

The system has already been installed at locations in Italy, The Netherlands and the US, and is expected to launch in the UK next year.

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