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Chicago residences to get first-of-its-kind halotherapy facility

The 1000M South Michigan property in Chicago, Illinois is set to become the first residential building in the US to introduce a Himalayan Salt Room.

The new amenity will be a major wellness feature of the 74-story, Helmut Jahn-designed complex, which is expected to break ground later this year.

In addition to providing guests with facials, massages, and other bespoke offerings, the spa will also recreate the ambience of "coastal beaches".

In a blog post, the company said: "What makes the Himalayan Salt Room special is the use of a sodium chloride compound to naturally saturate the air to provide a rich collection of minerals that our bodies crave.

"Benefits include clearing respiratory issues, reducing inflammatory pain and soothing skin ailments."

Proponents of halotherapy have also alleged that it helps to expel viruses and other unwanted pollutants from the body.

Despite its relative antiquity – halotherapeutic treatments have apparently been enjoyed in Eastern Europe for centuries – modern halotherapy has only recently attracted the attention of wellness experts.

The Global Wellness Institute launched an initiative in 2017 to study its potential health benefits, and in 2018 the company added salt therapy to its list of global wellness trends.

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