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Neom Organics launches luxury candles

Neom Organics has launched a three-piece collection of luxury candles.

The candles, called the Ultimate Collection, are presented in marble-inspired handmade ceramic pots with 18-carat rose gold accents, and are designed to scent large spaces. They are made from hand-poured natural wax and feature one of three Neom fragrances: Real Luxury, Complete Bliss and Happiness.

The Real Luxury candle has a dark blue colour scheme and is designed to reduce stress and calm the mind. The scent features a blend of 24 essential oils including: bitter orange, ylang ylang, lavender, yasmin and Brazilian rosewood.

The Happiness candle is pink and contains several essential oils linked to happiness, including neroli, mimosa and lemon, while the Complete Bliss candle has a stone-grey colour scheme is designed to aid relaxation and release tension. It contains Moroccan blush rose, lime and black pepper.

Nicola Elliott, founder and creative director of Neom Organics, said: "Ultimate by name, ultimate by nature. Handmade marble design, luxurious 18-carat rose gold touches and hand-poured with 100 per cent natural, super-complex fragrances that work on your wellbeing."

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