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Voya to launch new company specialising in food supplements

Irish skincare company Voya is set to launch a new company specialising in seaweed-based nutritional supplements.

The company, called Sea Õr, was first conceptualised in 2014 and is set to launch in early 2019. It will offer two kinds of results-driven food supplements - Body and Hair, Skin & Nails - that will enable users to reap the health and nutritional benefits of seaweed.

Both types are formulated with Orplex, a trademarked seaweed complex developed for Sea Õr by scientists. It features Laminaria Digitata (kelp) and Fucus Serratus, seaweeds hand-harvested from the west coast of Ireland. Rich in vitamins and minerals these seaweeds contribute to normal cognitive, thyroid, skin and metabolic function.

The Body supplements contain psyllium husks to promote colon health, as well as burdock root which acts as an anti-inflammatory and vitamins E, C and A to reduce fatigue and support the immune system.

Meanwhile Hair, Skin & Nails blends Bioti, a B vitamin which maintains the appearance of the hair and skin, with vitamin A, selenium and probiotics to maintain healthy skin and hair, protect from oxidative stress and promote gut health.

"Sea Õr has been in development for over four years and we are confident that what we are bringing to market is a unique, premium and scientifically-developed seaweed based supplement," says VOYA MD Mark Walton.

"Entering into the supplements market was a natural next step. We have been working with wild Irish seaweed for over two decades and have gained knowledge of the extensive benefits of including seaweed in your diet. Seaweed contains a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals that are vital to health and wellbeing."

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