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The|Tides Wellness to exhibit at Professional Beauty London

Dutch spa and wellness brand The|Tides Wellness will exhibit at Professional Beauty London 2019, showcasing its signature spa and wellness treatments; effective products, featuring unique Dutch ingredients; and nourishing self-care rituals themed around Recovery & Sleep, Sports & Endurance, Energy & Strength, Focus & Concentration and Detox & Cleanse, for the very first time.

Modern living is extremely exhausting on our minds and bodies. Today’s 24/7 connectivity causes stress and sensory overload, as well as drains our vitality, while the increasing chemical exposure, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and overconsumption of alcohol and sugar leaches precious minerals from our systems, depleting our strength, energy and enthusiasm. The|Tides™ has the antidote!

The|Tides BrainBody Wellness™ concept; a specific series of smart spa and wellness care treatments, has been exclusively designed to reboot the body and brain, using a combination of effective products, innovative treatment techniques, massage, breathing, stretching, meditation and mindful exercise.

In addition, the brand offers effective products, for both professional-use and retail, made from active ingredients that support its treatment goals and selfcare rituals. The|Tides is the first brand to market 100 per cent pure Dutch magnesium which has remained untouched for millions of years and has never been exposed to modern day pollution. The products also feature in purified seawater sustainably cultivated seaweed and algae, sea salt, clay, seaside plants, herbs and essential oils, while the self-care retail line of is packaged in beautiful dark blue glass bottles and jars, which are 100 per cent recyclable.

The|Tides Wellness will be on Stand NB9 located within Professional Beauty's New Brand section.

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