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Core's Star Trac FreeRunner features patent pending technology

Core Health & Fitness has launched the Star Trac FreeRunner, an innovative treadmill featuring patent-pending technology designed to absorb impact and reduce injury.

Designed to improve both performance and comfort, the FreeRunner features the HexDex System, an aluminium running deck supported by proprietary hexagonal polymer suspension, that offers a supportive surface, as well as significantly increasing the lifespan of the belt and deck.

The Hex Deck also offers 'unprecedented' responsiveness, immediately reacts to impact, cushioning and flexing as the foot strikes and offering support and push off for the toe, that mimics the feel of an olympic running track.

Sonja Friend-Uhl, running world record holder and senior master instructor at Core Health & Fitness, says: "One word I would use to describe the feel of the FreeRunner is responsive. The surface and mechanics allow one's unique running or walking form and gait to work for them during the workout."

"It is not so soft that if slows down the cadence, rather it cushions impact and allows the foot to roll and then push off efficiently," she adds.

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