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04 Mar 2019

Titanic Spa invests £35K in staff wellness area
BY Lauren Heath-Jones

Titanic Spa invests £35K in staff wellness area

Titanic Spa, an eco destination spa based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK, has invested £35K in a designated wellness area for its staff.

Designed with staff comfort in mind, the new staff room is located inside a bright, airy space, giving staff members regular daylight breaks, and boasts a number of 'living walls' throughout, to give both staff and guests a clean breathing space.

Other facilities include accessible phone charging ports, snack and coffee machines and even Bluetooth speakers so staff can listen to music in their down time.

The new staff facilities are designed to ensure that all team members, including therapists, gym instructors and housekeeping staff, are leading the kind of wellness-focused lifestyles that the spa advocates, as well as establishing a good work/life balance for its employees.

Warrick Burton, MD of Titanic Spa, said: "Having a happy team is crucial to running a business, and making simple steps to improve the lives' of team members is what we are focused on."

"Ever since Titanic Spa launched, it has been our quest to run a sustainable business that really cares for the wellbeing of the planet, guests and our team," Burton added.

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