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Agmis launches VPixel platform to enhance member experience

Agmis, a tech company based in Lithuania, has developed an AI gym motion tracking solution that tracks the movements of club members as they exercise.

Called VPixel Fitness, the platform is designed to improve the overall gym experience, and harnesses AI and digital imaging technologies to measure workout efficiency, as well as reduce the risk of injury, assist personal trainers and adds a gamification element that encourages member retention.

Utilising standard video cameras, the system monitors members, ensuring exercises are being performed correctly, if not a notification is sent to a staff member alerting them that that member requires assistance. It also measures workout duration and activity levels and is even capable of predicting when members are likely to cancel memberships.

Simas Jokubauskas,head of Product Development at Agmis, says: "Our mission is to enhance the fitness experience for gym members by leveraging the power of visual and digital technologies."

"VPixel provides a highly-customisable framework that can be adapted to the needs of an individual gym."

"VPixel monitors gyms members to determine if the exercises are performed correctly to reduce risk of injury. It can predict the likelihood of the member quitting based on his activity and workout performances, and it gamefies the gym experience," Jokubauskas adds.

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