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The most sustainable fabrics for hydrotherapy spa uniforms

Finding sustainable fabrics that meet the demands of spa uniforms especially in a hydrotherapy environment can be a challenge. However, through research and more than 10 years’ industry experience, specialist uniform designers, Fashionizer Spa, offer a unique range of stylish uniform options and fabrics that are also eco-friendly.

Using a combination of PET and Tencel, this unique fabric for Thalasso water treatment, created by Fashionizer Spa offers antibacterial, skin friendly, moisture resistant and durable spa uniforms, available to purchase from their ready-to-wear collection.

The best sustainable materials for hydrotherapy spa uniforms:

- PET is a form of polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The Newlife™ brand fibre; PET that is used by Fashionizer Spa, is made in Italy and guarantees a reduced carbon footprint. See other garments made from this fabric here.

- Tencel is made from the wood pulp of purpose-grown trees. It is made using solvents that don’t damage the earth and when blended with cotton it creates a wrinkle-resistant fabric with a similar feel to silk.

- The Thalasso Fabric is made from a combination of Newlife™ PET and Tencel. It is a light, soft, durable, antibacterial fabric that is skin friendly and doesn’t absorb moisture. It is easy to wash and quick to dry for regular use. It is named for its particular suitability for use in Thalasso and hydrotherapy based spas. Favourite designs include Fashionizer Spa’s Thala Wrap Tunic.

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