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11 Mar 2019

COMO Metropolitan London launches new corporate wellness programme
BY Jane Kitchen

COMO Metropolitan London launches new corporate wellness programme

COMO Metropolitan London and COMO Shambhala Urban Escape have launched a new Corporate Wellness Programme for 2019.

The programme has been developed by a team of experts to improve overall corporate wellbeing, with an aim of increased happiness and productivity of people living and working in the fast-lane.

Corporate teams will benefit from expert instruction and inspiration, healthy cuisine and specialist treatments. The programme will engender long-lasting lifestyles changes aimed at rebalancing body and mind, and aims to help professionals feel equipped to take on the challenges of a demanding workplace.

The four new signature activities for 2019 include:

COMO SHAMBHALA ON THE GO – Bespoke wellness days that can be brought to the office, introducing COMO Shambhala’s ethos and practices into the work environment for everyone to enjoy. Depending on requirements and facilities, COMO Shambhala Cuisine will be provided, ranging from healthful snacks to a full buffet lunch. Mini-treatments, yoga classes, break work exercises and advice from speakers (such as intuitive counsellor Susan King) can also be arranged as part of this corporate wellbeing experience.

COMO SHAMBHALA WELLBEING DAYS - A wellness day at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape that begins with healthful COMO Shambhala cuisine before a range of wellness activities. Available for groups of up to 12, this is designed as an opportunity for teams to cultivate genuine bonds beyond the workspace, leading to a happier and therefore more effective work environment.

BODY, MIND AND SOUL EXPERIENCE – A 24- to 48-hour retreat aimed at quickly combating exhaustion. Provides access to a range of wellness experts, including energy healers, intuitive counsellors, reiki practitioners, and specialists in stress management, with an aim for participants to return to work with more focus and renewed vigour.

THE GIFT OF WELLBEING – A solo wellness experience that includes a 60-minute holistic facial or massage with the option of adding discounted treatments to the day. Designed as a reward to convey thanks for hard work.

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