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11 Mar 2019

New hydrothermal children’s spa opens in Jakarta
BY Jane Kitchen

New hydrothermal children’s spa opens in Jakarta

Acquaree, a hydrothermal kids’ spa, has opened within the JHL Solitaire Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed and conceptualised by AW Lake and engineered by Barr +Wray, the 820sq m (8,000sq ft) hydrothermal circuit offers extensive hydrothermal experiences to children from toddlers to pre-teens.

“Aqcuaree is a fully integrative, stand-alone hydrothermal circuit designed with the children’s development and wellbeing in mind,” said Adria Lake, founder of AW Lake. “The circuit provides multi-sensorial experiences that engage and expand a child’s imagination and introduce the health benefits of a hydrothermal experience to children.”

The main hydrothermal circuit for kids aged 5 – 12 includes a long, winding cavernous water and heat tunnel; a rock sauna with climbing walls, a rasul-like mud room where different types of organic and freshly prepared therapeutic clays are provided and Octopi tentacles blow warm air to dry the mud; and a Rainforest chamber with scented rain showers, rinsing water buckets and shower hoops.

A separate water playground designed specifically for toddlers aged 3 – 5 features fun and educational hydro experiences such as a bubble pool, water guns, slides, mushroom shower and more.

An outdoor playground located on an adjacent roof terrace serves as a “pre” and “post” circuit area for the children.

The Hub is a dedicated children’s check in/check out lounge featuring healthy refreshments, light snacks and games; Acquaree also features organically designed and shaped boys’ and girls’ locker rooms with luminous, colour-changing LED lighting, private changing rooms, WC and showers.

Designed and engineered with child-safety in mind, the Acquaree hydrothermal circuit is a fully guided experience, where trained coaches certified in first-aid look after each child’s safety; temperatures are adjusted to child-level tolerance, and anti-bacterial ultra-violet technology designed by Barr + Wray ensures water hygiene throughout the circuit.

“At Acquaree, we believe that you’re never too young to experience and learn about wellness, through our unique hydrothermal spa journey, enjoying a safe and fun educational experience on the importance of wellness,” said Mega Dharmadi, director, JHL Group and owner/operator of Acquaree Spa.

“Children’s safety and wellbeing is paramount. The children are guided and continuously monitored by highly trained Spa Coaches. All the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the spa design is organic with gentle curves and padded surfaces, ensuring hours of safe and worry-free fun.

“Acquaree is receiving lots of media buzz, with coverage from TV stations, print and online media. However, what is most encouraging is the response from the children and their parents. The children love playing with the coloured muds, the octopi tentacles hammam and the water guns and games in the rainforest area. The parents are so grateful the kids have this experiential learning journey that’s fun at the same time.”

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