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08 Mar 2019

Guests breathe easy with new Oxygen Pod at Rudding Park
BY Lauren Heath-Jones

Guests breathe easy with new Oxygen Pod at Rudding Park

Rudding Park Hotel and Spa in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK, has expanded its Roof Top Spa offering with the addition of an Oxygen Pod.

Seating six guests, the Oxygen Pod offers up to 27 per cent concentrated oxygen levels, six per cent more than the levels found in dry air, and is designed to strengthen the immune system as well as reduce the appearance of ageing.

Based on NASA technology, still used in space travel today, the Oxygen Pod enables the body to absorb higher levels of oxygen which can help restore function to damaged cells and organs.

In addition to the increased oxygen levels, negatively charged ions purify the air and stimulate the metabolism, while dry salt inhalation aids the respiratory system, promotes healthier skin and sounder sleep.

The experience is described as having a similar effect as a walk near the ocean, only more intense. Guests spend between 10 and 15 minutes in the pod, breathing in a combination of pure oxygen and mineral salts. The enriched air is dispersed as a micro-fine, dry and velvety mist by SeaClimate ultrasonic nebulizers. In this aerosolized form, the air is able to penetrate deeper into the respiratory system and absorb into the skin.

Benefits include healthier skin, stronger immune system, improved breathing, stress relief, improved overall wellness, improved physical health and a reduction in the appearance of ageing.

Matthew Mackaness, spa director at Rudding Park, said: "At Rudding Park we are committed to excellence and always looking to evolve and offer guests something new. We launched the Sunlight Therapy room in January to help guests overcome the challenges of long dark winter days and are pleased to now introduce the Oxygen Pod to offer guests even more cutting-edge options for achieving optimum health. We are proud to be at the forefront of UK spa innovation."

The Oxygen Pod will be accessible to guests booked on to Rudding Park's Spa and Roof Top Spa Experiences as well as hotel residents with Roof Top Spa access.

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