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11 Mar 2019

Industry veterans team up to launch new sustainable spa association
BY Lauren Heath-Jones

Industry veterans team up to launch new sustainable spa association

A new UK-based trade body designed to educate spa and salon operators on the environmental impact of the industry is set to launch in the first half of this year.

Founded by industry veterans Lucy Brialey, former group head of spa for Aspria, and Robert Cooper, MD of eco-toweling company Scrummi Spa, the association, called the UK Sustainable Spa Association (SSA), will champion sustainability and teach operators how to run environmentally aware businesses by offering sustainable long-term operational strategies.

In addition, it will offer an SSA Accreditation, which will grade a facility on its sustainability. Members will be able to obtain the certification through the SSA self-assessment tool that determines areas of improvement and offers suggestions for change. Once completed, members are then given the option to gain an industry standard grading, audited by the association.

The association will also offer educational events, and an ethical product buying guide featuring brands and suppliers that have met SSA criteria.

"The SSA-recognised certification will increase a spa or salon's profile to consumers as a responsible and environmentally aware business," said Briarley. "For consumers, the SSA will be a place for trusted and up-to-date information on the sustainable integrity of spas where they can choose to restore their wellbeing in an ethical way.

"Consumers will be able to research and access sustainability information on spas in the UK that have achieved accreditation, enabling them to make informed choices on how they prefer to spa for their own health and the health of the environment," she added.

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